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Some Things You Should Know About German Pharmacies and Men’s Health The German equivalent of the English word pharmacy or pharmacies is apotheke or apotheken, respectively. These terms may already be familiar for English speakers owing to the fact that the term apothecary is where it is adopted from. In fact, this world is already existing in several parts of the world. In various German cities, you can always find a minimum of two pharmacies that are open. You will have an idea of the opening hours of German pharmacies as well as the list of German pharmacies that are available if you access their local newspapers. Furthermore, such information is also obtained by accessing the website of their council. All it takes is for you to type in ‘www.’, following the Germany city of your choice, and then putting the German web domain, ‘.de’, in the end. If their pharmacies are open, you then get to be presented several options of medical advice and sales services. Basically, you can get medical advice on what you should do with the bump on your leg as well as prescription drugs. You can even go inside just to get a pack of paracetamol and other over-the-counter drugs as well as the generic cialis and so on. Most of the time, you easily get to see their duty pharmacy in the signs of their window shops. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that they are able to cover the overtime pay of their staff by charging you with out of hours service charge or gebuhr. Such a charge can be tricky because the pharmacy will not inform your beforehand but will only tell you after you have ordered a product. Worry not as these charges could only amount to a few Euros or so.
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Typically, you will find a person in German pharmacies that is at least able to speak in understandable English language. If such pharmacy does not have any employee that understands the English language, then it would be better for you to find another one, unless that is the only pharmacy that is open on such time. There are several problems that could happen that are caused by a simple communication misunderstanding.
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If you talk about German pharmacies, you should be prepared to be given various other options of the medicine that you ought to buy. German pharmacies are known for this, and they are passionate about providing several other alternatives that sound nicer in comparison to the product that you have in mind. Pharmacies are still business anyway. You may even want to come back for more just to get the free stuff that they give you alongside your purchase. You could get throat lozenges to pocket tissues with their address for free with every purchase. The names of the medicine that they are offering are also the same in English. Paracetamol is still called paracetamol and aspirin still aspirin; they only differ in pronunciation. Just make sure to write down in a piece of paper the name of the medicine you need to buy to avoid pronunciation issues.

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