Advice and Statistics From a NYC Workers Comp Lawyer

Worker’s compensation claims have consistently declined over the last two decades and during the last few years, the amount of each claim has dropped as well. A lot of this is due to the awareness of employers of their responsibility in keeping the workplace safe. Employers from companies around the country have enacted a number of safety and incentive programs to lower their insurance rates and ensure their employees are healthy and ready to do their work. Knowledge is necessary for prevention and being aware of the most common types of injuries and how they happen is vital to preventing avoidable mistakes.

Common Injuries Revealed

The statistics released by insurance companies that manage worker’s compensation claims reveal that the most common injuries include seemingly minor concerns like sprains, cuts and contusions. Fractures and inflammation round out the top five most common complaints given when a claim is filed. Together these simple types of injuries account for 71 percent of the claims filed with worker’s compensation boards around the country.

Typical Accident Scenarios

Not surprisingly, the injuries often occur in similar scenarios too. This includes basic slip and fall events, having an object strike or land on an individual and lifting and handling materials incorrectly. Tool-related accidents and long-term trauma due to strain from a particular movement required by a specific job are frequently mentioned as well. Avoiding these types of accidents entirely is probably an unlikely scenario. Employers should still attempt to lower their rate of workplace injuries and to train staff members properly to help reduce the severity of an injury when an accident does occur.

The overall reduction in accident claims around the country does not mean that no one is ever at risk and that no one is ever denied compensation despite having a legitimate claim. The work climate may be better, but it is not perfect. A NYC Workers Comp Lawyer is the best resource for an employee whose workplace is deemed unsafe. Contact a lawyer for assistance if an employer is not handling a work-related injury or illness properly. Previously denied claims or requests from an insurance company for an injured employee to accept a settlement are also handled by compensation attorneys.

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