Certain Advantages In Vaping Marijuana

In a recent TakePart article on marijuana and vaporizing for lungs, the reasons for using a vaporizer for ingesting marijuana instead of smoking the herb were discussed at length. As readers have seen in the past few years, vaporizing has become a popular alternative for consuming tobacco products partly due to increasing regulation against public smoking. However, vaporizing has become the method of choice for aromatic drug delivery for more than just public disapproval of smoking.

A vaporizer, the basis for “e-cigarettes”, is a small portable device which heats up dried herbs or tobacco to the temperatures required to bake out the active ingredient. Burning plant matter not only releases the active ingredient sought for but also a number of toxins such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, tar, ash, benzine, naphtalene and other harmful substances. Most of these introduce active carcinogens into the body and hence present the main health danger of smoking. Also, up to half the actual ingredient is consumed in combustion before it can be inhaled. This means the smoker is only receiving half the benefit and all the risk in burning up his herb. Suffice to say, this is quite counterproductive.

Vaporizing is nothing new, actually. The basic principle is the same as in the Turkish hookah, which has been used in the Middle East for centuries. Hookahs are still a popular alternative to smoking. But vaporizers are much easier to carry around in one’s pocket or purse. As a result, vaporizing is become far more widespread for its combination of the consumption advantages of the hookah with the convenience of the small device.

By using an electric heating element, the herbal material is brought up gently to the requisite temperatures of around 200°C. At that point the active ingredients are released in the form of a thin vapor stream. This resulting vapor is 95% pure and toxin-free, meaning that much more of the actual ingredient reaches your lungs.

For use of medical marijuana, vaping is a far better choice than smoking. Patients receive close to the full benefit of the drug. Vaporizing consumes less of the herbal material, which extends the available supply and therefore is also the more economical alternative. And the effective elimination of the toxic effects of smoking enhances the health benefit of consuming medicinal marijuana.

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