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Women in Their 50s

As we get older, especially for women, we will then realize that our exercise routine on the age of 20s and 30s will no be longer that effective when we reach middle age. As we reach the middle age, there will be a lot of changes in the body and health including the hormonal and cardiovascular change. It is very important that even we age in number, we have to feel young and very healthy, and so this article will give you some simple tips and tricks to help you and your body healthy.

A healthy blood and nerve cells will be able to produce a DNa and this will only happen if you take a daily dose of a B12 supplement. Apart from taking the pill in order to increase the B12 in the body, b12 is also naturally found in meat and fish. It is important that we know that as we age, it be more difficult for a protein to be broken down, since the stomach acid decreases. The lesser of the b12 in the body, the greater risk is associated with you especially that if one is in the middle age. Since b12 is decreasing in our body, it is very necessary for a person in the middle age to make it a point to include having b12 in his or her regular diet.

Women who have already undergone are very prone to osteoporosis due to the lack of estrogen. Aside from the ones mentioned above, aw we reach the age of 50, our teeth and bones starts to degenerate as well. That is why, most women who reach middle age are get bone fracture and dental issues more often. That is why we see many people who get themselves dentures around this age, however you can always make yourself have a healthy teeth by taking in calcium as part of your daily diet. the great thing is that you can get calcium from various tasty food that you can include in your meal such as spinach , kale, sardines, broccoli, milk and low-fat yogurt. You just have to choose your favourite that you wish to include in your diet in order for you to have a healthy meal.

Refined table salt, aw we all know will make no good our health and so, it should be much taken into consideration when one reaches the middle age. it will be more wise for one to use unrefined salt instead of the refined table salt since all of the nutrients in refined table salt is stripped out from it. Because of the fact that as one grows older blood vessels tend to be less flexible, one is more prone to hypertension. This is very dangerous because high blood pressure can lead to a more serious health issue such as stroke, kidney issues and heart attack.

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