She is Working Her Way Up to a Full Sleeve

Tattoos seem to be gaining even more popularity nowadays. My mom told me when she was my age, she only knew of a handful of guys who had tattoos. They were either military or biker types, but that has all changed now. My daughter’s first grade teacher has a tattoo, my pastor’s son has one, and now my neighbor, who is also one of my dearest friends, has been looking at sleeve tattoos to get an idea of one for herself. I asked her why she wanted to get such a large tattoo, not to discourage her but because I really was curious.

She told me that she is only going to start out small, but she has a feeling she is going to want to keep going once she starts because she just really likes the way that they look. That is why she wanted to get a tattoo that could look great on its own but could also be incorporated into a large sleeve if she liked the way the design was going. She showed me several of her choices, and I had to admit that I really liked what she was wanting to do.

I can never imagine myself getting a tattoo, but I really liked the way she wanted hers to be. She ended up getting just a small butterfly along with a fairy on her arm, and she is going to be able to build off that idea. She already has a few quotes that she wants put on her arm, and she wants a tree, more butterflies, and even some whimsical mushrooms there too. I would have never imagined her with a tattoo before she started this process, and now I cannot picture her without one. It just fits her personality so well, and it looks really great on her too!

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