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Critical Aspects in 3D Building Surveys

It’s safe to say that every day, somewhere in the world, commercial buildings are being built and the old ones are getting refurbished. Most properties have limited years called their useful life, if a building were to exceed its useful life then it might start to crumble or fall; when this happens it can be hazardous for the people inside.

3D building services serve numerous purposes but there are only a couple that are worth taking note of. Out of all the reasons, the most important is to get an idea if a certain building is worth purchasing, renovating or if it should just be demolished. Another reason to hire services offering 3D building surveys would be to ensure that certain qualifications are met by the building itself; they need to check if the features and amenities in the building functional and reliable. We’ll only concentrate on buildings that can actually still be purchases, but don’t get us wrong because there are numerous other illustrations and cases where 3D building surveys are needed.

Surveys Included in General 3D Building Survey Packages
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Acquisition survey: as the name states, this survey will help you determine if the long process of pursuing a building project is actually worth it. The buyer will be supplied with specific data and files where they can be updated regarding the building’s condition, maintenance issues, repairs needed by the buildings and how long the buyer can expect the building to be functional. All the anticipated costs for the repairs on the building are described in the acquisition survey.
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Schedule of condition: these kinds of services are typically commissioned before the actually signing of a lease. Schedule of condition will be able to determine any damage and repair costs on the building before the clients can place their signature on the contract; after all, once the lease contract has been executed and the lessee sees damage then they can only cope with it for the duration of the lease contract.

Building survey: a building survey needs to be performed once a client decides to go through and buy the building. Building surveys typically involve a series of wide range inspection on the property. Owners can commission building surveys for their buildings for sale or for buildings that will be renovated.

Measured survey: the measured survey will require a dimensional check on the certain building. The dimensions stated on measured surveys can be compared to the floor plans of a building or the blueprint itself.

Structural survey: considered as the most comprehensive kind of building survey. A firm of professional engineers perform the entire detailed structural survey on the property.

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