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Which Is the Right Place to Get Circumcised

Circumcision in men is a tradition practiced for several years in several communities around the globe. Circumcision is observed as a religious or cultural practice in most communities. These communities have identified specific ages for the circumcision of the males. The religious observance of circumcision is done by the Jewish religions, Muslims and Africans. There are communities that observe it for health reasons. There exist people who get circumcised for persona fulfillment and not fulfilling cultural or religious obligations. There is no barrier to getting circumcised if you have your own good reasons.

There have been talks about the benefits and risk of circumcision. There are these who are pro-circumcision urging its benefits. The benefits of circumcision which are the removal of the foreskin of the male genital are medical, religious and aesthetics. Treatment of phimosis is one of the medical reasons for circumcision. Phimos is when the foreskin is overstretched. This makes urination and erection painful. Balanitis is another condition in which circumcision is deemed useful. Balanitis makes it hard for the foreskin to resume its position once it is pulled backward. It exposes the forehead to pain and infections. Another health benefit of circumcision is prevention of HIV. Clinical studies have shown that circumcision reduces the chances of HIV infection among heterosexual men.

It has also been argued that the foreskin can increase the chances of affection by the male member cancer. This is one of the rare cancers and in which a wart like infection develops on the make sex organ. There are many people who have criticized the foreskin for making cleaning of the organ terribly hard. As such, it becomes a conducive environment for growth of bacteria and other pathogens. Thus, there are people who take circumcision for hygiene purposes. There are also people who believe that a circumcised organ looks sexier than one that is not circumcised These individuals have all the freedom to undergo this process.

There is one major argument pushed by the opponent o circumcision. The foreskin contains dense never networks and is the most sensitive part of the skin. They, therefore, say that the foreskin removal lower sexual feelings and satisfaction. Some have witnessed to have lost their sexual urge after undergoing the procedure. There are those who oppose the practice of the basis of pain endured during the process. More pain may be borne by adults than by infants. It can be understandable why one would make a choice to stay uncircumcised.

Make your choice based on the benefits and risks of circumcision. The place to be circumcised is in an approved health facility. The process should be conducted by a medical doctor who is licensed to conduct minor surgeries. Recovery from the operation will take few weeks.

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