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Circumcision-Where Can You Get Circumcised?

Boys are born with a hood of skin in their genital area and this is called the foreskin. The foreskin covers the head of the genital area which is also called the glans. They will surgically remove the foreskin of the genital area during circumcision. In order for the end of the genital area to be exposed they will remove the foreskin.

Statistics show that almost 65% of newborn baby boys are circumcised in the United states of America every year. Circumcision is being done all over the worlds like in Canada, Middle East, Asia and in Europe. There are parents that circumcise their sons because they are concerned about their hygiene , has religious beliefs, social reasons and cultural reasons. Parents want their sons to look like a man and this is why they want their sons to get circumcised.

Circumcision can be done in hospitals, religious health office and even in houses. Routine circumcision is can be done in the first 48 hours or in the first ten days.

Family doctors, pediatricians and obstetricians are those that can perform the procedure in the hospital. The doctor can perform the circumcision before you bring your baby home from the hospital. Good thing about doctors is that they will tell you the steps of the procedure and even inform you about the risk that could occur. Newborn circumcision is actually a complicated procedure because they will need general anesthesia. Since, surgery and anesthesia can pose a risk to the baby. There are certain cases when doctors can delay the procedure. This is one reason why there are some parents that prefer that their son get circumcised when they are a bit bigger. Some of the reasons why doctors do not perform circumcision is when the baby has a medical condition or if the baby is premature. Doctors do not circumcise babies with physical abnormalities since the foreskin can be used for reconstructive surgery.

Here are the advantages of circumcision:

If boys are circumcised they have a lower chance to get urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infection is very common illness to boys that are not circumcised.

Penile cancer is another disease that can be avoided when men are circumcised. STD and HIV aids can be avoided when men are circumcised. Penile problems such as inflammation, infection and irritation can really be avoided when men are circumcised. You can easily clean the men genital area when the foreskin is removed.

There are some people that claim circumcision can lower sexual pleasure and the sensitivity of the tip of the genital area. These information is actually not true.

When circumcision is performed then they can really avoid a lot of problems.

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